When the Toyota Supra died, it died quietly—banished to its home market of Japan in 2002, left to rot by a parent company more interested in building 4Runners than waning sports cars. But the legend lived on. Values on the used market never sank far because everybody knew the cars would be all-time classics, especially the 1993-1998 Supras, their production run for the U.S.

Supra superfans have spent the last 16 years holding their breath, hoping the newest rumor of a revival would be the one that came true. Now their prayers have been answered. Toyota trotted out the 2019 Supra on July 12, 2018 at England’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. The A90 Supra, the fifth generation of Supra since 1978, is official. It will debut at the North American International Auto Show in January in Detroit. And weirdly, it’s made of a lot of BMW parts.

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