Three in five UK motorists are worried about the safety of the fully autonomous, driverless car, according to a new study.

The research for Continental Tyres also revealed that 40% of people simply mistrust the concept of a self-driving car, while a fifth say it scares them. A further half said they were concerned that technology glitches would result in breakdowns.

Despite these concerns, the 2,000 people surveyed did express what they consider to be major advantages of driverless vehicles, such as reduced journey times and having to concentrate less.

Driverless car advantages – Top 10

  1. Road safety
  2. More efficient / reduced journey times
  3. Less concentration required
  4. Reduced insurance costs (through fewer accidents)
  5. Opportunity to use mobile
  6. Increased mobility for non-drivers
  7. Opportunity to eat in the car
  8. Opportunity to read in the car
  9. More productive use of time
  10. Opportunity to use tablet/laptop