Harnesses & Test Rig Harnesses

Hadfield Services produces quality Harnesses and Test Rig Harnesses.

Our Harnesses are produced bespoke to customer design specifications, we work closely with our customers and ensure the final product meets all design requirements.

We create Harnesses from existing drawings produced by the customer, which we are able to modify if needed. We can also create electrical drawings and production drawings from scratch, to meet customer specifications.

Hadfield Services can source all parts required for production, or can also build from parts supplied by the customer.

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Hadfield Serivces Harnesses are produced to the highest quality. From the quality of the parts used, to the quality of production, we ensure all our Harnesses are produced to the highest standard possible.

We inspect all parts used to ensure they are free from defect and the Harnesses are point to point checked throughout the manufacturing process.

We select quality parts and use experience technical engineers throughout production. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products.

To make sure we are providing a quality service as well as a quality product, we make sure that all parts used are fully traceable.


Hadfield Services Produces Quality Harnesses Built To Your Specification.

Quality Harnesses

Hadfield Services produces quality Harnesses & Test Rig Harnesses. Using high quality parts and personnel following our stringent quality process.

Harness Development

Hadfield Services is hands on with development. We work closely with our customers to develop our Harnesses, bespoke to the customers requirements.

Harness Design

Hadfield Services can design your Harness to suit your needs, whether you have a initial design in place or would like it designed from scratch.