Forthcoming changes to the MOT test could spell an end for the 3-spoke alloy wheel. Under the planned new Style and Decency section of the annual MOT test, 3-spoke alloy wheels could be driven off the road, with any car wearing them receiving an instant failure notice.

This is bad news for motorists with poor taste, but excellent news for the rest of us who have been forced to live with the terrible spectacle for far too many years.

The news comes as the Department for Transport seeks to rid the streets of horrendous aftermarket modifications and to save carmakers from further embarrassment. The likes of Ford, Vauxhall and Suzuki – three of the worst offenders – are said to welcome the changes which should come into force in 2015.

In a telex issued by the Department for Transport, Doug Downes told PetrolBlog:

“The MOT test looks at a car’s roadworthiness, but it’s time it was revamped to take into account matters of common decency, too. The 3-spoke alloy wheel is a lesson in bad taste, so any car arriving at a testing station rocking the 3-spoke look will receive an instant failure notice, with the owner given a free Specsavers eye test voucher.”