Hadfield Services Mass Reflashing provides software download solutions for ECU’s (electronic control unit), using professional download tools and equipment.

We offer a fully controlled service…

Part numbers are checked by our engineers before and after being reworked. With complete stock control of all parts during the Reflashing process. Our engineers also document the process, which we provide to our customers once the Reflashing has been completed.

  • ECU Control Modules 100% 100%
  • Mass Reflashing 100% 100%
  • Technical Engineers 100% 100%


Hadfield Services Provide…
Mass Reflashing of ECU’s (electronic control unit)
Direct Module or In Car Reworks
On Site Reflashing
Reflashing Identification

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Our Customers

Hadfield Services provides Reflashing Services for 90% of OEM’s, working at many automotive production plants and on various projects. Updating modules in car and pre production.

Updating modules pre production, ensuring the modules are reworked in the time scale required, to ensure the modules are ready when needed for installation. The stock is quality controlled throughout the process to ensure parts that have not been reworked, don’t end up on the production line. By following our Rework identification procedure, showing clearly what modules have been reworked.

Updating modules in car, we work from a list of VIN numbers to ensure we are updating the cars that need updating, we locate the cars on site and use protective equipment to prevent any damage to the cars while being reflashed.


Hadfield Services Produces Quality Harnesses Built To Your Specification.

Here When You Need Us

Hadfield Services are on call when you need us, providing professional Reflashing Services, at a time and place that suits you the customer.

Professional Services

Hadfield Services are at the cutting edge when it comes to Reflashing.  Whether you need a few cars or an entire fleet reworked, you can count on our Professional Reflashing Services to provide a service you can rely on.

On Call 24/7

Hadfield Services are on call 24/7, so if you need to meet a deadline and don’t know where to turn?  Hadfield Services will be there at a drop of a hat to get the job done.