Test Rigs

Hadfield Services produces quality, bespoke Test Rigs specific to customer requirements. We liaise with our customers to create Test Rigs from initial design specifications, or can create design specifications based on customer requirements. All our Test Rigs are stringently tested, ensuring the final product meets the customer specification, prior to delivery.

Hadfield Services also produce bespoke Harnesses, to accompany your Test Rigs or existing Test Rigs. Our Test Rig Harnesses can also be created from and initial design specification, or designed by ourselves to meet customer design specifications.

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Hadfield Services Test Rigs and Harnesses are produced to the highest quality. From the quality of the parts used, to the quality of production, we ensure all our Test Rigs and Test Rig Harnesses are produced to the highest standard possible.

Our experienced technical engineer’s ensure the highest level craftsmanship, throughout the production process. Producing a quality finished product, designed and built conscientiously to the customers specifications.

Hadfield Services Produces Quality Harnesses Built To Your Specification.

Quality Test Rigs

Hadfield Services produces quality Test Rigs, to suit any electrical engineering Test Rig requirement.

Test Rig Development

Hadfield Services is is hands on with development. We work closely with our customers to develop your Test Rigs, just the way you want them.

Test Rig Design

Hadfield Services can design your Test Rig to suit your needs, whether you have an initial design in place or would like a Test Rig designed from scratch. Hadfield Services provides a Test Rig service you can rely on.