Revealed at the CES technology show in Las Vegas, the VW Golf R Touch is the most advanced car Volkswagen has ever made, featuring touch screens and gesture commands instead of a conventional dashboard.

Called “the controls of tomorrow” but looking every bit production-ready, the Golf R Touch is equipped with three screens. There’s a 12.8in touch screen in the centre of the dashboard, an 8in screen with haptic feedback below it, and a 12.3in screen in place of the instrument binnacle behind the steering wheel.

All the VW Golf screens can be modified to display content and controls however the driver wants, and giving haptic feedback means using the smaller screen feels similar to interacting with physical heater, air conditioning and media controls – something the Tesla Model S’s massive touch screen doesn’t do.

But Volkswagen has gone a step further, eliminating the need to touch some controls entirely by installing gesture-recognising cameras.